(17 Items of Sustainable Development Goals on UN Agenda 2030)

Main Operations of the Global Village Forum Chakwal:-

(a) Monitoring of human rights violations under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations vide Resolution dated 10th December, 1948 and other International Law.
(b) Promotion of peace, justice and harmony around the globe.
(c) Women empowerment and development
(d) Protection of women, youth and children.
(e) Poverty alleviation around the globe.
(f) Education, health, water supply,basic needs, and infrastructure projects where necessary. Establishment of degree awarding institutions for education and awareness of peace, justice,human rights and diplomacy with campuses at suitable places where the Forum stands registered and recognized under the law subject to framing of the detailed charter as approved by the Higher Education Commission or corresponding institutions of the respective country.

The field of the Health Care is being managed through awareness among the masses initially with the following strategy which has been formulated influenced from the campaign of His Excellency Prof. Dr.Marchese Karim Sahar Founder and President IGO International TCHSI for mental Health, Human Rights and Peace Canada :
• The Local Ambassadors of Health who will be Medical Practioners will provide free consultation to the poor and needy in their surroundings.
• There would be separate teams for awarenes of Public Health Management, Cancer Management, Diabeties and Blood Sugar Management, Cadiac Management, and Orthopedic Management. The final findings of the national and international conferences on these disciplines will be used in the awareness campaign.
• The Ambassadors of Good Will on Health will also be given in depth training in the above stated fields at national level and abroad to update their knowledge and skills in the Health Care Management.

Projects of the Global Village Forum IGO International

(i) The Global Village Forum Plans to prepare a number of Projects worth in Millions for the 17 items of the sustainable Goals 2030 in the United Nations Agenda .This has been incorporated vide Article 6 of the Global Village Forum Constitution. Its major project is Construction of a State of Art Auditorium for local, national and international conferences of the Interfaith Harmony , Training of Para Medics for awareness of various preventive diseases , Training and skill development of woman for Women poverty reduction projects. These projects will be prepared through the professional consultants and funding sought through the donars approved by the Government of Pakistan and the United Nations. The permanent office of the Global Village Forum IGO International will also be housed in this Stadium to be constructed on the plot of land in Islamabad for which the owner has agreed to lease out to the Global Village Forum on soft Terms. Till such time, it will continue to function in its temporary office.

(ii) Construction of Bari Shah latif International University Project Chakwal.

The project was initially an awareness one through the Civil Society . It involved Billions of Rupees for establishment of a University . Considering its cost , the Chairman Higher Education Commission had been requested to consider it for implementation in Public Sector. However, the PTI Government through their Higher Education and Information Technology Minister  Raja Human  Sarfraz Babar in the Government of Punjab has got the Notification for Establishment of the University of Chakwal in the month of Jan, 2020. This family has already donated land free of cost for higher educational institutions in Chakwal.  Copy of the Notification attached .

(iii) Micro Pilot Project for women poverty Reduction

A micro Pilot Project for reduction of woman poverty has been launched on 31st Oct, 2016 from the personal donation of the President/Chairperson for an amount of Rs.50,000.00 .Under the project, an amount of Rs.50,000.00 was loaned to a poor lady in Karachi to be repaid in monthly installments of Rs.2500/- PM with a grace period of 11 months. The lady has so far paid 5 installments of Rs.12,500.00 .This amount is being used for buying sewing machines for those Female Heads of families who have no Male member to earn their bread and butter. This project was in fact an incentive in the most.populous city of Pakistan to motive the major businessmen of the country to donate some of their capital as charity for the welfare of the poor.

(iv) The Global Village Forum has expertise to reform the Governance institutions in the developing countries for promotion of Governance and the Democracy besides its Country offices have full power to sanction development projects prepared by Professional consultants and financed by the approved donars of the respective Governments and the United Nations.Each country will have its own Bank Account to be operated by two joint signatories .These funds will not be transferred generally from the account of one country to the other country except with the approval of the General Assembly as provided in the Constitution.

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