Vision and Mission

The Vision and the Mission of the Global Village Forum Chakwal IGO International is  strengthening the Charter of the United Nations for promotion of Peace, Human Rights, Justice and Development .The broader area has been discussed under the Chapter Projects and Programs.

Background of the Global Village Forum

The idea of the Global Village Forum was primarily floated by Prof.Mohammed Khan Hastal on Shelfari.Com where he met John Gail Jhones from Oregan USA and Suzie Palmer from Australia.The word Global Village Forum was thus invented by him. Mohammed Anwar Khan and Lt.Col Sarfraz Hussain from Pakistan joined him in July, 2009. The Logo of the Global Village Forum and a page of Face Book was also invented/designed by John Gail.The Constitution of the Global Village Forum was prepared by Amb Mohanmmed Anwar Khan and was discussed and approved by the 5 Founders.The Application for Registration was filed with the Registrar Joint Stock Companies by Prof.Mohammed Khan Hastal alongwith Registration fee of Pak Rs.520 in the Government Treasury on 22nd Oct, 2013 on behalf of 6 other Members of Global Village Forum thus started functioning on provisional basis. The Application for Registration was signed by the following Founding signatories:-

(1) Mohammed Anwar Khan
(2) Prof. Mohammed Khan Hastal (Ch Mohammed Khan)

(3) Lt.col (R) Sarfraz Hussain
(4) Muhammad Aftab Mehmood
(5) Mariam Khan
(6) Fida Abbas (Late)
(7) Ammar Salim

The Global Village Forum was Registered on 3rd Jan, 2017 after 3 years 1 month and 12 days of submitting the registration Application.

1) .Registration of Global Village Forum Chakwal.

The Global Village Forum Chakwal was registered on 3rd Jan, 2017 vide Registration No.RJSC/Ckw/863 of 2016 . An body was constituted from among-st the 5 Permanent Members/Board of Directors vide Article 4(d) of the Constitution and the Founding applicants for Registration of the Global Village Forum. It was also got registered with the Federal Board of revenue as a Non Profit Organization (NPO) on 2nd March, 2017 vide Registration No.7404864 and following were notified as Board of Directors :-

Chaudhry Muhammad Khan
Muhammad Anwar Khan
Sarfraz Hussain (He has since resigned and no more an active Member).In his place Ms.Mussarat Ishaque has been approved as Member Board of Directors)
Muhammad Aftab Mahmud
Unsia Begum
Muhammad Anwar Khan one of the 5 Founders was notified as Principal Officer.

There are 5 permanent Members Board of Directors ,10 others to be elected for 10 years. The members Board of Directors are required to supply two documents i.e. CNIC /NICOP in case of Pakistanis and passports in case of Foreign Members .Two Permanent Members Board of Directors and 5 others were asked to supply their particulars and an Authority letter duly attested from the Notary Public in order to file their applications and receive their NTN from the Federal Board of Revenue, only one (Prof. Dr. Jared Akama Onyari from Kenya Africa ) had supplied his documents, whose has been entered by the FBR and NTN allotted to him. However Prof. Dr.Jared did not comply the Constitutional Provisions related to opening the Bank Account with joint signatures of one expert in audit and Accounts matters to be approved by the Head Quarters.He also did not send the achievements/annual reports to the HQs. He was accordingly removed from the Organization after serving him a Show Cause Notice by the majority of the Executive Board of Directors. The others have not yet supplied the same .Directors and they will be in the inactive list till they supply required documents and get enrollment in the Federal Board of Revenue as Directors and till such time,they will have the symbolic position as a Member Board of Director:-

(1) Amb Jann Gail LeBlue (She has since resigned and no more an active Member)

(2) Suzie Palmer

(3) Pal Mera A Alba

(4) Dr.Muhammad Ashraf Abbasi

(5) Intisar Yahha Abdulhussien

(6) Mussarat Ishaq

(7) Dr.May Khalil Mrad

(8) Syed Asif Shah

(9) Anisa Barudi


Appointment of Management

The Following has been appointedas Management of the Global Village Forum through the Interim Election till all the Members Board of Directors file their complete documentation, payment of the prescribed membership fee, shifting of the Global Village Forum from its Temporary Office to a commercial Building in Islamabad:-

(1) Muhammad Anwar Khan Chairperson

(2)  Dr. Ashraf M.Abbasi  Country Chief  GVFCIGOINTEL USA and Secretary General

(3) Dr.Jared Akama Onyari who had been approved as Vice World Chairperson in place of  Sarfraz Hussain who had resigned has been removed .

(4) Pal Mera  A. Alba has been appointed as Vice Chairperson (Monitoring)

 has been appointed as Senior Executive Vice Chairperson

The criteria for the selection of the Foreign Members Board of Directors

The selection from those Ambassadors who make commitment /give undertaking that they will get the Global Village Forum Registered in their respective countries. One anticipated Member Board of Director (Amb Risa Dorfman ) was asked to confirm her interest to register the Global Village Forum in her State of Residence by 31st March, 2018 but she did not show any interest.The following Members Board of Directors have also been selected subject to the Registration of the Global Village Forum in their respective countries .
1) Intisar Yehya Abdulhusien Republic of Iraq Baghdad

2) May Khalil Marad Republic of Lebanon Beirut

3) Anisa Abdul Salam Barodi Phillipine
The gist of the fresh Criteria in this respect approved has been to get an Affidavit from each country Chief to the effect that they will follow the Constitution, decisions of the Board of Directors and directives of the Chairperson/Chief Executive and will open the Bank Account with the joint signatures of a person expert in audit and accounts matters his name duly approved by the HQs GVF after examining his /her qualifications and experience .They will also undertake not to collect any donation in cash or kind till the Global Village Forum is registered in their country and Bank Account is opened in accordance with the Constitution of GVF . They will also need to submit the Affidavit to get the accounts of the GVF in their audited on annual basis and send the audit report to the HQs on regular basis. They will also be responsible for recovery of the defaulted amount through the Law Enforcement Agency in their country. These stringent financial measures have been ensured to strictly adhere to the guidelines of the Financial Action Task Force to ensure transparency in the financial matters.

Registration of Global Village Forum with the United Nations.

The primary objectives of the Global Village Forum is to strengthen the Charter of the United Nations vide Articles 1 and 6 of the Constitution. The profile of the Global Village Forum Chakwal stands accepted by the Department of Economic and Spcial Affairs  for inclusion into the data base of the Civil Society of the United Nations on 15th Feb, 2017. The formal application of the Global Village Forum Chakwal IGO International had been submitted to the Department of Social Affairs United Nations was filed in the month of Sept, 2018 by the NGO Branch on the plea that the Global Village Forum Chakwal had not completed two years Registration on the date of application for Consultative Status of the United Nations. A   new Application has been submitted to the Department of Economic and Social Affairs Department United Nations which has been cleared by the NGO Branch for further consideration .

The Global Village Forum Chakwal is the major effective competitor of the those civil societies opposed to Human Rights initiatives of Pakistan and other Pakistan supporting countries. It has played a greater role in the arena of the International Diplomacy for the soft image of peace loving countries including Pakistan and today voting of 128 countries in favor of Jerusalem to be the capital of Palestine as against 9 is one of the major proofs of the Global Village Forums great success in the field.

Registration of the Global Village Forum in other Countries.

So far the Global Village Forum has been registered in the State of Texas (USA) vide Registration ID # 8590651 and Nairobi kenya vide # 40915 . ..The Ambassadors /Country Chiefs are required to register the Global Village Forum in their respective countries.The Bank Account will be operated by two joint signatures , one will be the Country Chief and the other will be the Treasurer .The Treasurer will be elected from among st the Ambassadors having background of Audit and Accounts .They will be  approved approved by the Board of Directors Global Village Forum IGO International Islamabad, Pakistan.

Signing of Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) /Affiliations with other Organizations of Human Rights and Peace.

Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) have been signed and affiliations made under Article -12 of the Constitution with following Organizations:-

(i) IGO International TCHSI Goodwill Ambassadors for Mental Health, Human Rights & Peace Canada which has the Consultative status accredited by the Department of Social Affairs United Nations has been unconditionally affiliated with the Global Village Forum.

(ii) The Nest Foundation Trust (Registered) Islamabad

(iii) The Journalist Foundation, Islamabad.

(iv) Astana Aliya Bengali Sharif (Syed Makhdoom Abbas Hamadani Pateron in Chief/Sajada Nisheen)

(v) Signing of an MOU with Prof. Dr.Ibrar Umar ProF.of Public Health and Mental Health .All provisions of MOU have been agreed and the MOU is being signed in very near future . A model video clip of the Project in this respect has been displayed in the live activity part of the website.

Conferment of Awards under Article 11 of the Constitution

Global Village Forum is empowered to design and confer suitable awards on the civil society members others who are in high standing with meritorious services for the society.

The following have been approved  by Board of Directors for their meritorious services in the field of human rights, peace and justice.

(1) H.E Mohammed Anwar Khan Ambassador At Large and President /Chairperson 
(2) H.E Dr.Ashraf M Abbasi Ambassador At Large and Secretary General .

(3) Pal Mera A Alba Vice President/Vice Chairperson (Monitoring)
(4) H.E Muhammad Aftab Mehmud Ambassador At Large Treasurer /Attorney General
(5) H.E Prof. Muhammad Khan Hastal Ambassador At Large 
(6) H.E Mussarat Ishaque Ambassador At Large 
(7) H.E Terry Paul Conn Ambassador At Large 
(8) H.E Arshed Ali Supporter of GVFC IGO 
(9) H.E Azam Mukhtar Supporter of GVFCIGOINTEL (Previously Approved)
(10) H.E Khalid Ahmed Chaudary Chairman International Human Rights Commission (Previously Approved)
(11) H.E Mr.Iftikhar Arif Global Peace Poet (Previously Approved)
(12) H.E Suzie Palmer Ambassaor At Large Global Peace Poetess.
(13) H.E Ichrak Jamal Latrach Ambassador At Large 
(14) H.E Mr.Irfan Gujjr Consultant (IT)
(15) H.E Col Babar Sarfraz of Faisalabad (Specially Included)
(16) H.E Syed Mohammed Mohsin Ambassador 
(17) H.E Syed Mohammed Murtaza Shah ( Previously Approved)
(19) H.E Intisar Yahya Abdulhussien

(20) H.E Muhammad Sharif

The conferment of awards in respect of remaining will be announced later on.

Bank Account of the Global Village Forum Chakwal IGO International


Account # 0278007900221606 the Global Village Forum titled as” Global Village Forum Chakwal” has been opened in the Faisal Bank PWD Branch Lohi Bher, Islamabad Pakistan which is being operated with double signatures.


Audit of the Global Village Forum Chakwal IGO international for 4 years through the Chartered Accountants

The Audit of the Global Village Forum Chakwal IGO international for the last 3 years 2014-15, 2015-16 2016-17 and 2017-18 has been carried out through the chartered Accountants and the first Income Tax return for the financial years 2016-17 and 2017-18 and 2018-19 have been filed with the Federal Board of Revenue on voluntary basis and acknowledgments thereof has been obtained.

Achievements of the Global Village Forum

The major achievements of the Global Village are as follows:

The summary on the achievements of the Global Village Forum with Vision and Mission to promote Human Rights, Peace and justice under the United Nations Charter i.e. Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948, since its Registration vide RJSC/CKL/663 of 2016 under the Registration of Societies Ac, 1860, is as follows:-
(I) Administrative Achievements
(i) Registration of the GVF in the State of Texas on 15th Feb, 2017 under Article
(ii) Approval Endorsement/ratification of Revised/updated Constitution of GVF by the Registrar Joint Stock Companies, Chakwal on 21st Feb, 2017.
(iii Registration of Global Village Forum as a Non Profit Organization with the Federal Board of Revenue , Revenue Division , Government of Pakistan on 2nd March, 2017.
(iv) Appointment of Principal Officer and Members Board of Directors GVF on 2nd March, 2017.
(v) Opening the Bank Account of the GVF in Faysal Bank PWD Society Branch , Islamabad with the Joint Signatures of the two Members on 18th Jan, 2018 successfully.
(vi) Launching the State of Art Website of GVF
(vii) Maintaining the proper Accounts of the GVF and arranging the Audit Reports on Accounts of the GVF for the years 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19 .
(viii) Filing the Tax Returns with the Federal Board of Revenue, Islamabad for the years 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19 duly acknowledged.
(ix) Filing the Tax Return of the Principal Officer GVF with FBR.
(x) Submission of Audit Reports/Annual Reports and other activities Reports of GVF to the Registrar Joint Stock Companies by hand /by Registered /Corrier Service.
(xi) Application of the Security Instructions of the Government of Pakistan in their Policy Instructions , 2015 and screening of security risk personal from the GVF.
(xii) Registration of GVF with the United Nations for Accreditation of Consultative Status .Inclusion of the Application of the GVF for grant of ECOSOC consultative Status in the NGO Committee of the United Nations, after clearance by the NGO Branch of the United Nations.
(xiii) Appointment of Muhammad Nasim as GVF Representative to the United Nations New York
Signing of the MOUs
MoUs were signed with the following Stake Holders for collaboration and Cooperation in for upholding merit, rule of law and justice :-
(i) Nest Foundation Trust (Registered) Islamabad 08-10-2013
(ii) Journalist Foundation, Islamabad dated 09-02-2015
(II) Operational Achievements
Primary Achievements
(i) Creation of the Soft Image of Pakistan in International Community on Tourism through Face Book and Internet through the pages of World Tour and Travel . Pakistan has been declared as Worlds Number one country in Tourism for the year 2020.
(ii) The Problems of Jammu and Kashmir, Palestine and Rohingya Muslims in Mynamar were highlighted through Ambassador Muhammad Nasim Gilgiti as Representative of the GVF, for demonstrations before the United Nations Building for awareness of the International Community .
(iii) Mr.Muhammad Nasim participated in several monthly and Special Meetings of the Women Empowerment and Development in the NGO Branch of the United Nations in association with Consulate General of Pakistan New York, Embassy of Pakistan, Washington DC, USA and Pakistans Permanent Representative to the United Nations.
(iv) Peace and Interfaith Harmony Conference held on 12th March, 2019 in Islamabad
Secondary Achievements .
The Secondary Achievements of the GVF are under 17 Items of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on the United Nations Agenda , 2030. Under the prevailing instructions, an NGO can execute a project after signing an MOU with the Economic Affairs Division and the Ministry of Interior after 03 years of its Audit Reports. 70 percent of the approved cost /released portion will be the operational cost and the 30 percent will be the administrative component .The work for the MOU for the following projects is being initiated for signing the requisite MOU:-
(1) Pakistan Sector Reforms in Pakistan ; How Pakistan can come out of Debt Trap
(2) Construction of Office Building, Skills Development Centre and Auditorium on the leased plot on BOT basis Islamabad for 25 years.
Two Pilot projects of Women Poverty Reduction and University Graduates /Under Graduates Internship Program are currently running successfully .
Establishment of the Bari Shah Latif International University was primarily an awareness Project of the Global Village Forum to establish a University in the Public Sector at Chakwal. The Global Village Forum had been raising this issue from its platform from time to time . However, the PTI Government has issued Notification for Establishment of the University of Chakwal through an Act of Punjab Assembly on 18th Jan, 2020.
In View Of the above, Registrar joint Stock Companies Chakwal has renewed the registration further on word.

Profiles of the Members Board of Directors starting from the Accredited Members is as follows:

1 ) Profile of Muhammad Anwar Khan Chairperson /Chief Executive GVF

He retired as a Grade 21 Secretariat Group Officer after Acting as Federal Secretary Ministry of IPC Islamabad. He is a graduate of Western Michigan University USA i.e Master of Development Administration (Public Administration in Developing Countries) with academic distinction, which is one of the top-ranking US University, Graduate of Local Governance from Local Autonomy College, Tokyo, Japan, and has received advanced training in Design and Delivery of Civil Services Training from Civil Services College Sunning Dale (2003) London (UK). He is a Trainer of Human Rights, Peace, Justice, Management, Public Administration and Development. He has served as a United Nations Staff Member with Diplomatic Status (2000-2001). He was conferred with the title of the Friendship Citizen of City of Utsunomiya, Japan. He is fully aware of the socio-economic and political issues at the local, national, and international levels.
He has been the Member Board of Governors, Pakistan Academy of Letters (2005-2008), Chairperson, National Task Force on Sports (2008-2009), Member Executive Committee of the Pakistan Sports, Member Managing Committee, Islamabad Club, a highly prestigious position in the Pakistani Community. He had been the Chef de Mission Pakistans Sports Contingent to the Commonwealth Youth Games, Pune, India (2008) which also included Pakistan Armies Team appointed on the recommendations of President Pakistan Olympic Association and finally he had won 03 medals (02 silver and 01 Bronze in Wrestling through Pakistan Army Team) for Pakistan.
He has received Training in Public Policy from the National School of Public Policy 86th NMC in 2007, which is the highest Civil Services Training Institution together with National Defense University. He has also been the visiting faculty, Foreign Services Academy, National Police Academy, Information Services Academy At present, he is heading an IGO for the promotion of Peace, Human Rights, Justice, and Development a Non-Profit Organization. He is highly disciplined in Financial Management in the light of the Financial Action Task Force FATF) guidelines for the collection and operation of the Trust funds for Peace, Human Rights, and Human Development.
His personal email ID is cell Phone /What’s App +92-3345523560

2) Muhammad Aftab Mahmud

He is the founding Registration Applicant and Executive Member Board of Director, Treasure and Attorney General . He is a Law Graduate from the University of Punjab, and is a Retired Grade 21 Officer of the Secretariat Group in the Federal Group with Experience mostly in civil services and Constitutional for 40 years.

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